Moner Transfer

What is Money Transfer and how it works…???

Money Transfer is a new upcoming business which is established since 1871 through wire line and was well known as Money Order where in a Postman comes to customer’s place and delivers the money to him.

Now since we Banks in every city and internet banking at every step, how it is possible for us to work into this.

Money transfer is based on pure banking system through IMPS business (Instant Money Processing System), which transfers the funds in any bank account within 5 secs.People using this system through various retailers who had taken franchise from different banks and various companies.

Now with IMPS system every one can transfer the money any time 24*7.

Who are we looking for?

We are actively seeking partnership of enterprising individuals who are passionate earning the money.

The franchisee appointment will be selectively granted to prospects that demonstrate not only adequate business acumen,but also an impressive business track record,exceptional leadership traits,proven management capabilities and an ability to adapt to a constantly changing and evolving industry.

However,non professionals who display an interest in associating with Edayzz and students want to start earning with the minimum capital can join this project.

Applicants must also demonstrate sound financial resources to drive business growth without any disruption.

Introducing MPOS Device

MPOS Device:

Rugged and Sleek MPOS device that will pair through Bluetooth with android smartphone. Easy to pair and activate through App on the smart phone.

Services supported:
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards transactions
  • Cash POS micro ATM Service to dispense cash by swiping customer debit card.
  • Now retailer can Swipe and earn form the debit card.
  • Per swiping now retailer will get 3/-rs per transection.
  • Per day cash out limit is (Tier 1,2,3 Cities)1000/-Others 2000/-
  • Debit card charges on charges on shopping
    1000 to 2000-0.50%
    Above then 2000-0.75%
  • Charges on Credit Card -2%